Our USPs

This is true for independent hotels, for hotel chains, individual hotels within a chain and all the way to an inn or bed and breakfast. But establishing the unique selling point (USP), however, appears to be more difficult than many property owners think. Before taking on a hotel as a client, we do a thorough study of the property to determine it’s unique selling point(s). Several factors are used for this, but often to the amazement of many of our customers we’re often looking first outside of the actual hotel. Typically one thinks of USPs by comparing against the competition or hotels in the immediate vicinity. If there is a modern decoration, a hotelier will tend to think of that as the USP. If the interior design was created done by a famous designer, many a hotelier will choose that as the USP. But there is something which is often omitted when working out a USP: customer perception.

Our Advantages

  Car Parking towers + 25 Covered Car Parks.

  Air conditioned offices & enclosed common areas.

  Common Visitors toilet spaces + each office with private toilets.

  Rentals from common areas such as terraces (canteen) + ground floor cafeteria + business center in addition to the PV Solar above the Roof terrace, will significantly reduce the common areas maintenance costs/ contribution.

Our Values

Take your business to the next level by giving it a premium new address of Seasons Business Square by the House of Naiknavre, in Aundh. Nested in the heart of premium suburb that offers a myriad of peaks for both employees and potential clients and centrally connected to Baner, Balewadi and Wakad.

Our Mission

Take your ambitions to the next level by giving it a premium new address at Seasons Business Square, by the House of Naiknavre, in Aundh. Situated in one of the most covered location of Pune. These work stations are designed for the ambitious set, and will with a new chapter in your success story!


128 / 2. Sanewadi, Aundh, Pune-411007

(+91) 8956097097